Without Electricity You Will Have Anarchy

Empty food shelves at my local Walmart.

One thing a lot of preppers thought would happen during an emergency like this pandemic, is that grocery stores would completely empty within 3 days.

But that has been far from reality…

There is still lots of food on shelves.

There was panic buying in the first few days of the pandemic because of poor communication by government officials. People (including myself) thought that quarantine would mean that nobody was allowed outside for ANY reason.  So shelves in the supermarkets were stripped of food, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies (like bleach and Lysol), and cold and flu medications.

Once people realized that quarantine really didn’t mean “quarantine” but “social distancing” – and that trips to the supermarket were allowed – then the panic subsided.

Items were restocked usually within 8 hours from large distribution warehouses.  Walmart closed at 11 pm and by 7 am the next morning, it was full again.

Another area of panic buying was in firearms and ammunition.

There were a lot of people that have never owned a firearm in their life, that went out and purchased.  A few of my family members are communist-liberals and have never expressed an interest in owning firearms until now.  My own brother called me up expressing his woe over not buying a firearm in early January when I saw smoke on the horizon and warned him to gird his loins.

9 mm ammunition was the first to disappear off the shelves.  Followed by 5.56 mm, 7.62mm x 39, .40 cal and .22 cal long rifle.

Here is the most valuable lesson I have learned so far…

As long as the electricity is on, everything will continue to function.

Electricity is the key.

If the electrical grid goes down, that is when sheer panic takes over and the rule of law goes out the window.

That is the one good thing about this pandemic.  It has allowed me to improve my own preparations; inventory my gear and understand disaster preparedness better.

Know that our world is filled with lots of sheeple that are not equipped for an emergency.  That has now become self-evident even to them.


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