Washington Governor Hints Mandatory Quarantine Orders May Be Coming!

Listening to Gov. Jay INSLEE talking about the next steps in his state to battle the coronavirus, made me think of this photo…

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee spoke on CBS’s “Face The Nation” this week and said that although voluntary measures to control the coronavirus are being complied with by residents, he said:

We may have to go to the next step, and we are thinking about those seriously to get ahead of this curve.

When pushed by host Margaret Brennan on whether or not, he was going to institute quarantines in Seattle and “shut it down” down like China and Italy — Inslee said:

Well, we don’t use that kind of language, but we certainly are
contemplating requirements for what we call social
distancing in the public health realm…

We are contemplating in fact I’m going to a meeting in about an
hour about this subject right now we are looking at extending what are voluntary decisions right now.

When asked point blank if the next step was quarantine, Inslee replied:

Not necessarily quarantine, but reducing the number of social activities that are going on… And we need to make decisions about that looking forward… Looking what the modeling suggests… the infection rate will be going forward… and this will be or could be hard for the public because they may not have seen the full wave yet.  We need to anticipate that wave (and) get ahead of it.

I urge you to watch the video.  And then you tell me…

Are they looking into mass quarantines, in your opinion?

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