The Two Greatest Threats When Shit Hits The Fan

The two greatest threats when shit hits the fan are going to be:

  1. Starvation
  2. Chaotic criminal behavior


While many preppers have a stockpile of food within their house during a time of crisis that stockpile is going to quickly be depleted, especially if a group of relatives show up at your door.

Supplies might last short-term but you will need an inflow of new food stores during an emergency.  That is what makes having a rural property important. A place to raise animals and grain crops. A place to grow fruit and vegetables.

You also need firewood and fresh water.  Something almost impossible to find in a urban or suburban environment.

Chaotic Criminal Behavior

Crowds are unpredictable and often violent.  And if a crowd does get violent – it often happens quickly – sweeping up normally peaceful people.

During a grid down situation, when there is a significant loss of electrical power you should expect lawlessness and chaotic behavior.  It would likely start with criminals taking taking advantage of the opportunity to loot stores.

As we saw with the 2020 BLM Riots, criminal gangs took advantage of inept police response. Businesses were looted in wholesale fashion. I would expect that to happen again if the grid went down. However once the businesses were looted and torched, private homes would be next.

What To Do To Protect Your Family

  1. Find a rural property.
  2. Increase the amount of food you store.
  3. Learn how to produce food.
  4. Buy firearms for everyone in the family and learn to use them effectively.
  5. Find and/or develop a group of like-minded individuals.


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