Panic Buying Resumes As Autumn Lockdowns Begin

Idiots are once again hoarding toilet paper.

Panic buying has once again started.  As the virus slowed its replication during the summer months, people grew complacent. People ate through their food stores and failed to heed the advice of medical professionals warning that a 2nd wave of the virus was on its way.

Sadly this pandemic has become politicized — and as a result people will die needlessly.  Liberals want lockdowns, and conservatives don’t want anyone telling them what to do.

Most people are pinning hope to the two vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer.  Everyone wants to be vaccinated so life can return to normal — but they don’t want to be a guinea pig, and experience long-lasting or dangerous side-effects.

That is the problem with these new vaccines.  Never before have we had a vaccine for a coronavirus, and we are not sure just how if they are going to safe and effective.  Will immunity wear off?  Will the virus mutate making in ineffective?  There are a lot of unanswered questions, that we will all find out together.

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