Mainstream Media Finally Admits China Virus Cases May Be Undercounted Even With 3,000% Surge

The mainstream media is finally admitting that the China is lying about the number of infected and dead.

Proof from Chinese citizens stuck in Wuhan and other areas of Hubei province is starting to show up on YouTube. Proof of dead bodies stacked in hospital hallways and doctors begging for help and supplies.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is trying to maintain control not only the virus, but information leaving the country — and ultimately the Chinese people themselves.

The CCP sees this not only as a crisis but an opportunity. An opportunity to show the Chinese people “how good they got it” under their dictatorship. In fact that CCP has been using the video of the new 1000 bed hospital constructed in 10 days just how efficient the CCP is when responding to emergencies. When the truth is that the CCP — and the fear of the CCP — is the reason that initial reports of a SARS-lie virus causing pneumonia went unheeded.

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