India Is Going To Explode!

Covid strains from

As I said a couple weeks ago…

India is a gas soaked rag waiting for a spark.

I hate being right, because that spark lit off an explosion of cases today!

India was bragging that it was virus free just last week while Trump was visiting. However in less than 24 hours they’ve gone from 0 cases to 29.

There appears to be two primary strains of coronavirus circulating around the globe. However, there are actually dozens of strains already, as COVID-19 mutates roughly twice a months.

The shitty thing for India is that a bunch of Italian tourists brought over the deadlier version.

How hard is it going to be to control in India?  This ought to give you and idea…

Cow Piss And Shit Cakes! Mmmmm…

NCP MP Vandana Chavan says in Rajya Sabha, “There is misinformation being spread on coronavirus while some leaders are talking about how gaumutra and cow dung cakes can cure coronavirus. This should not happen.” She was interrupted by Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu, who said that is upon people to believe or not.

I just had a good friend leave for India yesterday.  He planned on being gone for a month.  I hope he comes back right away.

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