India Is A Gas Soaked Rag Waiting For The Spark

The third coronavirus case has been reported in India. And it is in the same area Kerala — which is bad news for India, because the leading sect in that area is as backwards as backwards gets… Which we will talk about in a moment.

But first look how many people recently travelled to Wuhan!

A total of 1,999 people, have a travel history from China and other affected countries, are under observation in Kerala, of whom 75 are in isolation wards of various hospitals.

The remaining 1,924 are under home quarantine as per a medical bulletin issued on Sunday night.

And getting back to how backwards these people are: the 1,924 quarantined people that don’t believe in modern medicine and are resisting health officials…

Kerala’s health officials had a tough time two days ago in Thrissur when they approached a medical student who had returned from Wuhan.

He insisted that he was all right and in case he develops any symptoms of coronavirus, he would resort to prayers and other services to overcome the illness.

Belonging to a particular sect, he told shocked officials that his community did not believe in modern medicine and he enrolled in medical service “only to help others”.

Although I am not a religious person, I believe strongly in the freedom of religion. But if your religious freedoms affect the legitimate health and safety of others — then I have a problem.

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