India Free Of Coronavirus — So They Say…

There is some crazy shit going on India.

Even crazier than having someone smashing you 8-10 times in the testicles with a sledge hammer.

COVID-19 is ravaging China.  It is out of control in South Korea and Italy.  And yet, India doesn’t have ONE case in the whole country…

With the last of the three Indian students with novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in Kerala being declared disease-free last Friday, India is officially free of the virus.

Of course you and I, know that they are full of shit.  They have evacuated thousands of Indians out of China, specifically Wuhan — and yet no one was positive with the coronavirus?

Even funnier is this statistic…

According to a Health Ministry release, Harsh Vardhan was informed that the screening of passengers is being done at all 21 airports, 12 major and 65 non-major seaports and border crossings. In all 4,214 flights and 4,48,449 passengers (sic.) have been screened so far.

A total of 450,000 people have been screened and NO ONE has the cooties.  That is pretty amazing.

Something just doesn’t smell right.

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