Australian Reporter Exposed To Infected Airline Passengers Is Not Getting Any Answers

An Australian news reporter flying on an airplane with two infected passengers can’t get a straight answer from the health authorities…

I was told to leave work straight away, that I was at risk of also contracting the virus and that I needed to go into self-isolation.

Queensland Health were unable to tell me what seats the infected passengers were sitting in or how long I should isolate myself for.

After calling again hours later, the message had changed.

The department was still unable to clarify seat numbers but was now saying I had a low risk of contracting coronavirus and that I should go about my business as per usual.

The messages from Queensland Heath were unclear, constantly changing and lacking detail.

This is going on in Canada too.   Heath officials can’t give a straight answer — and don’t know what is going on — and yet accuse Canadians of racism.

Until we know what we are dealing with EVERY POSSIBLE CONTACT needs to be quarantined.  There are asymptomatic cases — that might be shedding virus.

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