The Illuminati Are Preparing For The Collapse!

This headline cause me to sit up and take notice.

The “super rich” are worried.  They know that we are slipping back towards recession — and it promises to be far worse than the financial crisis of 2008.


***Because the underlying issues of income inequality; unemployment; inflation, corporate mismanagement, and government corruption and wage stagnation are still present.***

The 26 richest people on earth in 2018 have the same net worth as the poorest half of the world’s population (3.8 billion people).T th

The economy has never really recovered from the 2008 financial crisis — and it is about to get a hell of lot worse…

Every January, globalists from around the world converge in Davos, Switzerland — deep in the Swedish Alps —  to attend The World Economic Forum.

Who attends exactly?

Financiers, oil sheikhs, heads of state, royalty, politicians, NGOs, business tycoons, media moguls, and of course hedge fund managers (lots of hedge fund managers!).



And that is only going to get worse.  And the super rich know it.

In fact, they are engineering the financial inequality.  And soon it may spell our doom.

Let me explain…

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